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City that you Need to Experience

Selecting our destination puts you within reach of premier and recognizable hotel and venues, unique offsite experiences, the ability to travel within our city and actually arrive on time. Our outdoor activities and green spaces showcase the importance we have placed on quality of life, with numerous businesses and services we are City that you need to experience.

“The number one factor when you bid to host these types of events is demonstrating the level of commitment in your community.  Red Deer was so excited about the Games than 10,000 people came out, all dressed in red, to welcome the site selection committee, which had rarely seen that kind of engagement from a community”

-Scott Robinson, CEO, 2019 Canada Winter Games Red Deer

10 Reasons Why you should Choose Red Deer

  1. Location, Location, Location — Red Deer is located in the most central location in Alberta. Being the only city on the Canadian Prairies with a potential market of over 2 million people within 160km radius.
  2. Sustainable Events — Events that allow your participants the chance to enjoy local products and accommodations that meet enviro best practices.
  3. Success In Business — Proven event hosting leader. Our strong reputation allows us to continually secure regional and national events annually.
  4. Venues/Hotels — Variety and volume is what you can find in Red Deer. We boast a diverse selection of multi-functional meeting and event spaces, along with over 2,500 hotel room options that will suit all tastes.
  5. Ease Of Access — Visit us. Take a quick flight into our very own regional airport or take an easy drive from one of our neighbouring cities and be here in just over an hour.
  1. Affordability — Red Deer has long been recognized as one of the most cost-effective destinations in Alberta, while still offering an excellent delegate take-away experience.
  2. Activities — Activity time is crucial to events and we offer a variety. From fun-filled team building to unique and customizable indoor and outdoor activities.
  3. Well-Designed — Guests can explore our City with ease and get connected with all the great features. Red Deer presents a road and highway network that offers great flow.
  4. Authentic Experiences — Day or night we offer visitors all kinds of unique experiences exclusive to our region. We encourage you to do more than witness the fun, we want you to live it.
  5. Meetings and Conventions Team — We are here to set new hosting standards. Commitment, hard work and passion are our pillars. Event success comes naturally.